We offer a full installation service for all items we sell, and will be happy to dispose of your old appliance. Delivery of all items over £295.00 is free. There is however a small charge for the installation of certain items. Our delivery charges are as follows:

Delivery only: 

TV and other AV Equipment                          FREE

Appliances over £295                                      FREE

Appliances Under £295                                  £10.00


Delivery and Installation: 

TV and other AV Equipment                         £30.00

(Includes unpacking, tuning in, connecting to  any existing
 AV equipment, connecting to router* and demonstrating)          

For all Appliances which Require       

plumbing in: (other than side by sides)     £20.00                                                                                                            

Electric Cookers                                                £50.00 

Integrated Appliances                                     £60.00

American Side by Side Fridge Freezers     £80.00

Range Cookers                                                    £80.00


Disposal of old Appliance:

Disposal of Under Counter

Fridge or Freezer                                            £15.00

Fridge Freezer / Chest Freezer                  £25.00

American Side by Side Fridge Freezers   £80.00

Washing Machine                                            £15.00

Range Cooker                                                    £80.00

Televisions                                                         £15.00

All other Equipment                                       £10.00


*You will need to have an existing internet connection with sufficient signal. If there is insufficient signal we are usually able to supply a solution at extra cost.


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