Broadcasting on the Isle of Man


This page describes the various options there are available for  receiving television pictures in the Isle of Man and which channels are available for each.


Other than the Internet the Isle of Man receives TV pictures from either the ten terrestrial transmitters dotted around the Island or by satellite. Satellite services are provided by Sky TV which offers a limited amount of free channels but is generally a subscription service, or the BBC and ITV Freesat which  provides some free high definition channels. We are able to carry out aerial work and satellite installations if required.


Terrestrial Broadcasting


The majority of households on the Island receive their pictures from the local transmitters although a minority, particularly in the North and West of the Island are receiving their pictures from England, Scotland or Northern Island. Generally an outside or loft aerial is all that is required to receive the digital broadcasts from the local transmitters, and in many areas a set top aerial is sufficient.


All TV's which we sell today have a built in Freeview tuner and will automatically receive the following channels when connected to a suitable aerial. Older TVs which do not have digital tuners can be converted with a set top box at a cost of about £25. Four High Definition Channels are available but to receive these you will need a TV with a built in Freeview HD tuner a separate Freeview HD set top box.


The following channels are being broadcast from the Islandís transmitters:


















Sky Subscription by Satellite


BSB Sky offer a wide range of subscription packages starting at £21.50 monthly. To receive Sky TV you will need a small satellite dish (40cm) and a Sky Box. Sky now always supply a Sky HD Box whether you subscribe to Sky HD or not. This also makes SKY+ Recording System available to all new subscribers without an additional charge.  Cick HERE  to see our charges for SKY installations and upgrades and visit for details of the packages available. Please note that Sky Broadband is not available on the Isle of Man.






BBC/ITV Freesat by Satellite


BBC/ITV Freesat was launched in May 2008, and  broadcasts about 140 channels including some free High Definition Channels. There is no subscription. The service is broadcast from the same satellite as Sky and uses the same satellite dish. To receive this service you will need a Freesat Box. The cost of a HD Box  £99,  The HD PVR box which allows you to record one channel and watch another is available with either a 500GB or a 1TB Hard Drive and costs £209 and £229 respectively.. The new Freesat PVR from Humax will also connect to your router allowing access to catch up TV such as BBC iPlayer. Some televisions have in built freesat  decoders. For details of the channel line up visit .
















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